The first group studies in the morning, and the second group studies in the afternoon.

Lee interpreted what Bill said into French.

You need to stop acting so stupid.


Jani lives above me and Mari lives below me.

We will deliver up to the airport of the island.

She approached him with a smile on her face.


I'll take care of it immediately.


Peter doesn't need to attend the meeting.

Do you want to come to Boston with me?

Daniel and Dalton had only one child.

I just saved your cat from drowning.

Shakil doesn't like oranges.

Torsten handed Ramadoss a check for half a million dollars.

Go fill the ice pack.

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I don't want you to think I'm unhappy.


I regret lying to Clara.

I'm sure that shirt will look good on you.

Luther was scandalised by the sale of indulgences.

What do you want me to start on?

I thought that you were coming over last night.

I go right home after work.

Amedeo fumbled in his pocket for the keys.

Is anyone else coming?

She assured him that everything was OK.

You must let me handle this.

My apartment is on the fourth floor.

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They can't kill us.


My father is exact in money matters.

Herbert ate a lot. He must've been hungry.

She was trying to fight her mother.

I detest having to hurry in the morning.

Courtney was there before anyone else.

How did you arrive at this conclusion?

Dan didn't even touch Linda.

On Facebook, there's a "like" button, but where's the "hate" button?

What do you think of modern art?

She likes dancing in a disco better than skiing.

I don't think TV will ever take the place of books.

Ann can't find a job.

They told me you were the one who saved my life.

The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.

A former Esperantist insisted that too many commas, like fly droppings, make writing look dirty.


I see this as an important step forward.


This is the kind of job you should do all at once.

Drew was surrounded by a group of young girls.

I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry.

I don't think, therefore I do not follow.

You ignored me.

I've got mine.

This may not be such a good idea.

No man can occupy the office of President without realizing that he is President of all the people.

Could you please tell me how to do that?

But the farmer smiled at him.

Stay on the path.

Moses didn't want to do anything.

I wonder if Helen is having as much fun as Pitawas.

Lyusya can't be reached by phone.

I'm just a guy asking questions.

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I want to know who that guy is.

There are different rhythms in languages.

You have superb English.

It's painful making love.

It was quite an experience.

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Sandra often gets ear infections.

Are you going to hurt Edmond?

Ernest opens the gate every morning at 8:00.


The fish swam up for crumbs.

Gypsy has a social nature.

Why don't you invite Surya over to watch a video with us?

Did you climb trees when you were a child?

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth.

I'm on the winning path now. Please consider voting for me. I'm Bernie Sanders and you could do worse.

We need money to do anything.

I own three cats.

The Otolaryngologist suffered from hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia.

Do you remember us?

Hugh's troubles weren't financial.


They enforced obedience upon us.

That's our new boss.

I gave Earle everything he wanted.

They began a discussion.

This watch is of great value.

Miss Jones made a face when she heard the news.

He has a kind heart.

Keep calm, you're the boss.

Bernie doesn't want to get his hands dirty.

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Believe me, everything he's told you is a crock.


You will take it, won't you?


That's not what I'm going to do.


They called President Roosevelt a pirate.

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I'm a bit tired.

We don't know that for a fact.

He loved Boston.

I buy donuts every Sunday after church.

I'm never going to talk to Claudia again.

Kees is Mah's second cousin.

You don't work for me.

Vick felt very tired after sleeping for so long.

Are you going to be home for dinner?

You have been a great mentor to me.

What is he like?

We must stop Hohn before he hurts himself.

We're going to find ourselves in difficulty if we carry on like this.

Thank you for remembering.

If by any chance he comes, give him this paper.

Perry's mother was crying.

We'll start when he gets here.

Hastily acquired knowledge was not enough to solve the problem.

It is no use trying to persuade him.

Ask her to join us.

Michelle is John's oldest son.


This is the first time I've ever walked with a stick.

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We do not live in Boston.

Could you please put me up for the night?

Christian sat at his desk with his eyes closed.

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There are plenty of idiots in the world.

Do you actually believe that?

I think you're the only one who cares.


She is no less charming than her older sister.

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It's like the knife.

I need to know more about it.

The debt crisis is not over.

Did Micah tell you we were coming?

I left my credit card at home.


The best time of life is when you are young.

I have two older sisters.

Coleen is a good sport.

Per began.

Sandeep wanted to say more.


Mayo brought dinner.

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I would drink some jasmine green tea.

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If my brother hadn't saved me, I would've drowned.


The workers only wanted to air their grievances.


In Europe it is difficult, yet possible, to find a job.


I had my wife die.

Christina looks a bit like John Lennon.

I'm going to need a minute.


I'm glad I'm not going to be there.

My parents cook for me.

Sean won't go to the market.

I suppose that's true.

Do you need instructions?


I've cut down on my expenses.

Ethan hired Sharan as an interpreter.

Happiness is good health and a poor memory.

She can sew very well.

Toerless chose to ignore Darin's comment.

I cannot help wondering at his progress.

I don't think I've seen you here before.


What a long week!

However, I won't know whether he came or not.

Are you suggesting Clarence was murdered?

Miek deserves all the credit.

Let's see who does that first.

I think I know where to find Jinchao.

You have to pay at the toll plaza.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Be careful not to get caught.

Roberta is concentrating on the chess game.

No gains without pains.


Have you ever been to England?

I was afraid you wouldn't understand.

Whichever way you go, you can get to the station.

Legislators in the Diet are struggling to find a solution to the problem.

I like the short snout of boxers.